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EMS – Elettromagnetic Stirrer

(M-EMS, S-EMS, F-EMS) for billet & bloom casters

Electromagnetic stirring (EMS) improves quality and productivity in continuous casting. The rotating magnetic field induces a rotational flow in the liquid steel which improve equiaxed zone and surface quality, minimize carbon segregation, inclusions, porosity and internal cracks and thereby provide a better heat transfer and gas release.

EMS Electromagnetic StirrerEMS Stirrer elettromagneticoTesto in tedescoEMS 电磁搅拌器 产品指南


Electromagnetic mould level measurement and control system for billet and bloom casters

The use of electromagnetic sensors for mould level measurement in continuous casting of steel is a worldwide common practice. Level stability, smooth regulation and fast response time are all features that improve process control and steel surface quality.

ILD 80-07 for mould level control


Powder thickness measurement and control system for billet and bloom casters

Powder feeding is therefore a priority to ensure the stability of the powder level and the quality of steel. The primary task to implement this automatism is the measuring of powder thickness on the liquid bath in real time.

ILD 200-07 type for powder level


Automatic mould powder feeder system for billet, bloom and slab casters

Maintain the powder thickness constant in the mould is a very important task to avoid level fluctuation and to improve steel quality keeping constant the heat transfer, the lubricating powder film and also increasing the surface quality.

Mould powder feeder system


Portable EMS gauss-meter probes

In continuous casting, the process-analysis and service instrumentation is as important as the production equipment, because it allows for the constantly monitoring of its efficiency.

MFM probe


Mould oscillation monitoring system and oscillator checker

To achieve optimum casting conditions and high billet surface quality, it is necessary to guarantee that the oscillator behaves correctly, as established by design. The Ergolines OPI Mould Oscillation Monitoring System is designed for this purpose.

OPI sensor


Mould thermal monitoring & breakout prevention systems

The mould is the most important section of a caster, where liquid steel forms a solid shell. An incorrect growth of the shell can cause a sticker, which leads to a breakout of the strand. This results in downtime of the caster and extensive repair work.

Mould thermal monitoring


Vibrational slag carry-over detection systems

Unpredictable slag carry-over from ladle to tundish represents a serious problem, which can lead to either steel impurity or poor ladle yield. Ergolines VSD gives the right balance.

VSD sensor

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