Mastering details

From electromagnetic stirrers to process control instrumentation, ergolines strives to guarantee perfection in continuous casting.

An ambitious objective that is achieved through research, innovation, and the capacity to develop specific products for the requirements of every customer.

Customized project

Our project is specific and unique in terms of application targets, equipment engineering and metallurgical results.

Reduced energy cunsumption

High-efficiency solutions imply remarkably reduced energy consumption, thus ensuring customer’s ROI.

Optimised spaces

The design target is the minimisation of the impact on the available spaces through maximizing the electromagnetic stirring performances.


Thanks to carefully-designed products, ergolines provides ergonomic
and easy to use tools both for production and for maintenance.

Our numbers

Supplies: 50+ countries worldwide.
Applications: 350+ strands for billets, 200+ strands for blooms, 300+ strands equipped with ergolines sensors.

Quality enhancement

The aim of the products design is to guarantee and fulfil the metallurgical expectations of the customer’s steelmaking specialists: improved equiaxial growth, minimized carbon segregation, lower inclusion, elimination of pinholes and blowholes, lower centre porosity, better heat transfer, crack reduction and an overall enhanced surface quality.

Some references