ergolines Lab s.r.l. has developed its own range of products and special control systems dedicated to the steel industry, in particular to the meltshop and the continuous casting area.

Our range includes sensors, electric machines and sophisticated automatic process control devices, all designed to obtain the highest steel quality standards.

Our core business is represented by the electromagnetic stirrers (EMSs), used in various sections of continuous casting to minimize surface and internal defects of the steel and to increase productivity.

ergolines is one of the four EMS producer companies in this sector and exports its systems all around the World. The philosophy that makes ergolines unique in its market is its custom-made approach, meaning extreme design flexibility aimed to satisfy the specific engineering requirements of each individual customer, thus offering a technological and strategic partnership.
Other innovative products for the steel industry have been developed during the years, like a complete family of mould level control sensors, breakout prediction systems, mould oscillation monitoring sensors, ladle-to-tundish slag carry-over sensors and many others are permanently under field qualification.

The constant target of ergolines is to widen the offer of systems for steelplants, thus increasing its technological leading position in the market.

ergolines has also established a series of important technological cooperations with other leading companies of the same market. The most relevant customers inlcude the Austrian multinational corporation Siemens VAI.

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