Ergolines alongside QUIN towards an integrated, smart, and agile project management

We are thrilled to announce our commitment to smart and integrated project management, in collaboration with QUIN! Managing projects on a contract basis involves significant complexity and requires strict process control. From the estimation phase to materials procurement, activity planning, continuous progress monitoring, cost and quality control, to delivery and post-sales service – every step is crucial.

For several months, we have been working to enhance our core processes, optimize internal organization and resource planning, with the primary goal of increasing customer satisfaction. I

n this improvement journey, we have chosen QUIN as our strategic partner, a consulting company offering technological solutions in Operations & Supply Chain, Data Analytics, Project & Innovation Management, guiding companies through digitalization, innovation, and reorganization initiatives.

After an initial assessment, QUIN defined a “to-be” model and a roadmap for improving our processes and tools. This led to the implementation of Advanced Project Management (APM), a customized platform by QUIN for the integrated management of projects and contracts, seamlessly integrated with our ERP system, and tailor-made to meet our specific needs.

In particular, the collaborative work between the QUIN team and ours focused on identifying contract phases and creating a standardized Work Breakdown Structure for each of them. We also implemented a dynamic system for managing commercial proposals and created an interactive database for product serialization and management.

The initial results of this project have been outstanding, with a significant reduction in document completion times, improved resource planning, and increased visibility into project progress. This has reduced the risk of errors and delays in contract delivery, greatly simplifying business activities management.

This journey of improvement is a source of pride for us, and we will continue to work hard to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

Thanks to QUIN for standing by our side on this path!