Intelligent innovation for the metallurgy sector

The project aimed at the process and organization innovation that ergolines Lab wants to implement aims at reconfiguring the production process by integrating a new production line of measurement sensors, at activating an after-sales service of scheduled maintenance using vision tools in augmented reality and at innovating the customer relationship management through a CRM system and AR devices. Furthermore, the project also aims at renewing the IT infrastructure for the general improvement of performance and the remote and safe accessibility to data.

The proposed solutions fully integrate into the development trajectories identified for the Metalworking Chain by the Intelligent Specialization Strategy drawn up by the Friuli Venice Julia Region.

The project has been allocated a contribution of 144.035,43 euros in the face of an expected total amount of costs of 240.059,05 euros within the POR FESR 2014-2020, Activity 1.2.a.

Line of action 1.2.a.1 DGR 991/2020