Important announcement: precautionary injunction for unfair competition actions

In order to fight against the unfair competition actions carried out against our Company on the part of TL Ltd. represented by the former legal representative Eugenio Grecea and on the part of Eval Macinhery Ltd. represented by legal representative Cojocaru Angela (living together Grecea); Ergolines points up the precautionary injunction passed by the section specialized in business and IP of the tribunal of Brescia.

The document has been published on the Italian Newspaper Corriere della Sera dated Friday July 8th 2016, on the Byelorussian newspaper Sovetskaya Belorussia dated Thursday July 7th 2016 and on the Ukraine newspaper Kyiv Post, dated Friday July 1st 2016.

We also enclose hereunder Eval Machinery Ltd. Chamber of Commerce company registration and the publication of the precautionary injunction on Eval Machinery Ltd. web site.



Chamber of Commerce Company Registration

chamber-of-commerce-company-registration-1chamber-of-commerce-company-registration-2 chamber-of-commerce-company-registration-3chamber-of-commerce-company-registration-4


Corriere della Sera



Sovetskaya Belorussia



Kyev Post





Publication of the precautionary injunction on Eval Machinery Srl Web Site