We are proud to share the positive results at Emirates Steel plant thanks to the installation of a twin-EMS system designed by ergolines in cooperation with Emirates Steel engineering team.

ergolines had thus the opportunity to work with and be supported by the team of highly skilled professionals who since 2017 upgraded the 5-strands multi-section CCM no.#2 to operate with total 7 billet strands, by developing a prototypal twin-billet system on strands #4 and #5.

The plant has been now upgraded by re-engineering the twin-moulds to embed a twin-EMS system, designed to achieve the same performances of the existing, single-line EMSs (still working on strands #1 to #3) and being integrated in the same cooling and electrical systems.

Emirates Steel chose ergolines to partner for the development of the EMS part, which had to be tailored for this specific application and duly studied to guarantee an ideal matching with the performances of the single-line strands.

One of the main project goals was to minimize the impact of the intervention on the existing plant facilities and operations, and ergolines has lived up to the expectations, integrating its coil design into Emirates Steel’s twin-mould technology and the existing plant features. As the result of a close collaboration between the engineers of the 2 companies, now Emirates Steel is extending the benefits of the twin-billet casting practice to its “Value-Added Grade” portfolio, which spans from low-carbon welding wire up to spring steel.

Quoting the words of Emirates Steel’s Chief Engineer & Technologist Enzo Franceschinis: <<We couldn’t think to a better partner than ergolines for this endeavour, given their innovation-oriented attitude, their capability of simulating the process physics and turning it into tailored solutions. And we couldn’t be any happier now, as everything went as we planned together. Indeed, the twin strand parameters look like as if only 1 EMS was installed, while the field measured on each of the twin-coils is equivalent or even higher than the OEM single-line coils. Moreover, the design, assembly, factory-testing and commissioning went all so smooth, indicating a high attention to details from both sides>>

Productivity increased, same high-quality level than the single-line strands, without additional power consumption…target achieved!