Modern EAF with extremely reduced tap-to-tap presents the following criticalities:

  • Unmolten scrap, especially in EBT
  • High FeO level in slag and high oxygen concentration in steel
  • Temperature and concentration stratification in the bath
  • Low free opening ratio of tap hole
  • Scrap cave-in, electrode breakage, cold boils


The solution is to increase kinetics by means of stirring.

Currently two different technologies are available: gas stirring and Electro Magnetic Stirring.

In operation:

  • Gas stirring is unreliable and expensive whilst
  • Electromagnetic Stirring, developed 70 years ago for the secondary refining phase of the EAF, is a proven, reliable and inexpensive technology reducing operational costs per steel ton, saving time, energy and materials and increasing productivity


Electro Magnetic Stirring is the perfect tool for increasing kinetics in the EAF, impacting the following steelmaking areas:

  • Scrap melting
  • Electrode, Arc stability
  • Slag chemistry
  • Oxygen in Steel, De-Carburization
  • Temperature and chemical stratification
  • Energy, productivity
  • Tapping
  • Safety, reliability




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Typical EMS for EAF system layout