An optimized and efficient stirring system is a corner stone for a high-quality steel. Ergolines’ maintenance plans and consulting allow to reach the highest efficiency reliably, obtaining the maximum performance from the stirrer.

Planned maintenance: a preventive activity, carried out periodically to evaluate the stirrer and to suggest operational plans for the single equipment in order to obtain the maximum efficiency without any invasive activity on the stirrer. Fault prevention allows savings on the production thanks to the reduction of products non-compliance due to non-efficient or faulty stirrers.

Extraordinary reconditioning: dedicated and extraordinary activity carried out on not-working or damaged stirrer in order to restore stirrer functionality and renew the warranty.

Consulting: a single or multiple on-site intervention to check the status and the installation of the stirrer, optimize the operative parameters, review the power sully system and the cooling water circuit, in order to improve the efficiency and the working life of the stirring system. Ergolines’ consulting services, in particular in case of recurring failures, allow a reduction of the stirrer maintenance costs up to 50%. The consulting services comprehend the training of customer personnel on the use and optimization of the stirring systems.


  • Stirring system constantly monitored and working
  • Known maintenance costs and times
  • Reduction of invasive activities on stirrers thanks to maintenance scheduling
  • Optimization of stirrer parameters
  • Reduction of stirrer faults and damages caused by power supply or cooling circuit issues


  • Activity performed on any stirrer model and brand
  • On demand availability
  • Availability to schedule a maintenance program
  • Guaranteed punctuality
  • Defined maintenance cost
  • Quality assurance and performance certification
  • Reduction of conversion costs

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