The increasing high quality steel demand is pushing steel plants to enhance the quality of the “as cast” product, and the central soundness is a key point for several steel grade families.
Final liner stirrers have been developed to ensure a low segregation index, to reduce porosity issues and to avoid mini-ingotism phenomena by generating a travelling magnetic field that induces a longitudinal upstream flow in the billet/bloom liquid core.
This flow has two main effects: avoiding the formation of solidification bridges and mixing the segregated liquid.
FL-EMS are installed at final solidification stage, close to the straightening unit.
Moreover, these stirrers can be associated to a moving system and an on-line solidification algorithm to ensure the best performance.
The stirrers are able to operate on very small liquid pools, below 40 mm.


  • Central soundness enhancement
  • Central segregation reduction
  • Central porosity reduction
  • Mini-ingotism phenomena prevention


  • Central quality improvement with minimum modification of the CCM
  • Ergonomic installation: cooled body integrated against heat radiation from billet, anti-collision rolls, removable stirrer cover to facilitate the maintenance operations
  • Alternating stirring function available

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