The crucial role played by mould lubricating powder in submerged steel casting is widely recognized, being optimal results achieved keeping constant the powder thickness over the steel meniscus.
IPD is a new generation powder diffuser equipped with an optical system (designed for CCM with submerged casting), suitable for measuring the upper profile of the powder in the mould, through laser line triangulation.
It can be used either in combination with radioactive or inductive mould level control system.


  • Linear measurement of the upper powder profile instead of a single point detection
  • Precise measure of the powder profile and position in the mould
  • Increase operational safety
  • Space –Saving


  • Homogeneous powder coverage of the liquid bath
  • Improved meniscus stability
  • Fully automated powder feeding: no need for manual intervention
  • Measurement system and powder final feeding diffuser coupled in one single tool
  • Easy and Handy to use

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