Slag carryover from ladle to tundish is typically identified manually by the operator and the ladle slide gate is then closed manually. Being based on operator response in the hazardous area, this process is poorly reproducible and typically leads either to excessive slag transfer or reduced ladle yield.
The OSD system is an auxiliary tool intended to help the operator to identify the presence of slag at its early stage, enabling him to manually close the slide gate with optimized timing.
The system features special optical filters and an optical camera pointing towards the liquid steel flow at the outlet of the ladle shroud. Therefore, it is required to remove the shroud from the ladle or to lift the ladle itself to expose the steel stream. The image of the steel flow is displayed in real-time on a screen placed in a safe area. The OSD system enhances ladle yield and improves operational safety by eliminating the need for human presence in the hazardous area close to the ladle.


  • Minimize slag transfer form ladle to tundish
  • Increase ladle yield
  • Enhance operational safety
  • Improve steel quality


  • Aids the operator in closing the slide gate on time
  • Enhanced ladle yield
  • Eliminates human presence from hazardous areas
  • Improved steel quality

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