OPT-LEVEL is a system for steel level measurement for open stream, oil lubricated moulds. The liquid bath is monitored by means of a camera protected by a heavy-duty industrial case and installed above the mould. A dedicated image-processing algorithm developed by Ergolines enables to calculate the position of the steel meniscus with respect to the mould top, providing a real-time measurement of the steel level. The system output signal is then used to drive the withdrawn units in closed-loop mode.
The OPT-LEVEL system provides reliable steel level control without the need for radioactive sources and with minimal maintenance costs. A dedicated installation analysis is performed by Ergolines specialists in order to evaluate sensor installation according to customer requirements.


  • Reliable steel level control without radioactive source
  • Steel level stability
  • Reduced maintenance costs


  • Accurate steel level control
  • Improved meniscus stability and steel quality
  • No need for radioactive source
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance costs

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