UT-LEVEL is an innovative system applicable to billets, blooms and beam-blanks CCMs for measuring and controlling the steel level in the mould based on the ULD sensor.
The ULD – Ultrasonic Level Detector – sensor is based on ultrasonic technology, that enables a fully contactless measurement, requiring minimal machining to measure the temperature profile on the copper tube, and thanks to a dedicated algorithm the steel level is determinate.
In addition to information regarding the steel level, the data provided by the ULD sensor can be used by UT-MAP software package, provided by ergolines, for the real time thermal mapping of the copper mould available on demand. UT- MAP is able to detect anomalies in the solidification process in the mould and to provide key data for break-out prevention.
It is a smart software solution designed for industry 4.0


  • Reliable steel level control
  • Elimination of radioactive sources and the cost of management of radioactive components
  • Minimize machining required for installation
  • Low mantenance costs


  • Real-time and reliable steel level measurement
  • Non-invasive installation
  • No disposal costs and safety issues of radioactive sources
  • Availability on demand of the thermal profile in the meniscus area

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