The UT-MAP system measures the temperature of the copper mould at multiple points and in real-time. The system is based on ultrasound technology: the temperature is measured without contact with the copper, requiring minimal machining of the mould. UT-MAP can be applied to both tubular and plate moulds, covering billets, blooms, slabs, thins slabs and beam blanks. An adequate number of ultrasonic sensors are installed on the water jacket, without affecting the copper tube which can be easily replaced. In the case of plate moulds, the sensor is integrated within the backplate. Since UT-MAP is a modular system, the number of ultrasonic sensors is variable and is determined according to customer requirements. A dedicated installation study is performed by Ergolines specialists.
UT-MAP includes a dedicated HMI software, which displays the real-time copper temperature trends and copper thermal profile, measured along a vertical line in the meniscus area. Real-time and historical temperature data from UT-MAP provide key information to the metallurgists, enabling to optimize the casting parameters, leading to reproducible casting conditions and improved steel quality.


  • Monitor the copper temperature in real time
  • Optimize casting conditions
  • Improve steel quality
  • Minimize machining required for installation


  • Real-time and fully contactless copper temperature measurement
  • Non-invasive installation within the water jacket or backplate
  • Provides key data to optimize casting parameters
  • Enables to stabilize casting conditions improving the steel quality
  • UT-MAP is not affected by the stirrer electromagnetic field

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