The diversification of production and the constant addition of new casting sections and steel grades have become a need within the dynamic steel market. The need to manage very different casting sizes and steel grades has led to a more complex design of casting machines, equipment for process control and devices aimed at the quality of the cast product. In order to meet the quality requirements of plants offering a wide range of formats and steel grades, Ergolines developed a particular stirrer series that can be moved along the casting line so as to be always positioned in the position granting the best metallurgical results. The stirrer is also composed of two halves which can be opened by a peculiar pneumatic system to ease the extraction of both the cast product and dummy bar.


  • FEMS optimal position for a wide range of casting sizes
  • FEMS optimal position for a wide range of casting speed
  • FEMS optimal position for a wide production mix
  • Easy cast product extraction during emergency
  • Easy dummy bar extraction possibility (e.g. in vertical CCM)


  • Best achievable metallurgical results
  • F-EMS always in optimal position even changing casting parameters or steel grades
  • Easy management of emergency

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