In order to meet the needs of the steel makers and and their requirements for product quality and performance, ergolines has developed the Slab Strand EMS. The latter are mainly used for ferritic and silicon steels: in ferritic stainless steel casting, Strand stirrers refine the solidification structure and prevent surface defects after rolling as ridging and roping; in silicon steel casting for electrical steel sheets production, they are useful to enlarge the equiaxial area and refine the grain dimension. Slab strand EMS can be used also in medium and high carbon casting to enhance the central soundness. ergolines designs and optimizes them by means of electromagnetic and fluid-dynamic simulations. The benefits obtained using the SS EMS include the reduction of internal cracks, the reduction of defects on rolled sheets, the improvement of the central soundness.


  • Reduction of defects on rolled sheets n
  • Equiaxial zone extension increased
  • Cast product metallurgical enhancement


  • Improvement of the central soundness
  • Reduction of the internal cracks
  • Custom design

Some references