To produce high quality blooms and billets through the continuous casting process and to produce high quality powder for both additive manufacturing process and sintering, it is extremely important to control the steel quality and temperature in tundish. To achieve these goals, ergolines has developed the TUNDISH EMS (T-EMS), a particular stirrer that ensures a uniform temperature distribution inside the tundish imposing a movement in the liquid steel. In case of technological solutions in which an electrode is foreseen for the tundish heating, it is very important to install the Tundish-EMS to ensure a constant temperature during the whole production process.


  • No temperature stratification
  • Removal of non-metallic inclusion
  • Temperature control in the tundish


  • Improved liquid steel temperature uniformity inside the tundish
  • Improved inclusion removal from liquid steel to covering powder by applying tundish stirring
  • Accurate, homogeneous and stable control of the steel temperature in tundish
  • Longer casting sequence at low tundish superheat


  • The tundish dimension range is 3-25 tons, one or two strands CCM for high-quality products
  • Atomization process for metal powder production

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