HRIT – Hot Rolling Inductive Tomography

HRIT is a joint research and development project based on the partnership between ergolines and Ferriere Nord. The project is part of the “S3 – Smart Specialization Strategy” for research and innovation, supported by Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia. The funding program promotes the uptake of “Smart Factories” through the development of technologies for advanced production processes, the primary goals being to improve productivity, quality, energetic and environmental sustainability and real-time process optimization.

The project objective is to develop an innovative system based on magnetic induction tomography for real-time control of the rolling mill process. The project takes advantage of the mutual competency integration of ergolines and Ferriere Nord, since both partners are committed to the continuous technological improvement of steelmaking: ergolines is specialized in the development of custom technologies for steelmakers, while Ferriere Nord is expert in the steelmaking process and its technological advancement.

The result of the project is the improvement of the production process through an innovative system for the real-time monitoring of the rolling mill. The expected impact for ergolines includes both the development of a new product and the opening of new market opportunities at the international level.

HRIT is funded under the European funding program POR FESR 2014-2020, Activity 1.3.a, D.G.R. 1232/2017. The total amount of costs declared eligible for funding is EUR 399.904,63. The allocated contribution is EUR 257.772,66.