The key impact of mould powders on the quality of cast steel is widely recognized. Specifically, the ability to maintain constant powder thickness and stable meniscus position is essential to cast quality steel. Mould powder thickness can be controlled through closed-loop automated powder feeding. Ergolines’ Ultrasonic Level Detector (ULD) is a new sensor dedicated to the real-time measurement of mould powder thickness. Closed-loop powder thickness control is implemented by using the ULD feedback to drive an automated powder feeding machine, leading to improved steel quality and process stability.
The ULD can be used either in combination with a pre-installed radiometric sensor or with Ergolines’ OPD.


  • Real time measurement of mold powder thickness
  • Reliable functioning even in presence of Electromagnetic Fields produced by the EMS
  • Stable steel meniscus
  • Powder entrapment risk reduction
  • Assessment of the heat transfer in the mould
  • No need for manual intervention



  • Constant powder thickness in the mould
  • Reduced level fluctuations
  • Uniform mould lubrication
  • Even heat transfer and enhanced surface quality
  • Improved quality of steel

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